• 2019/10/26

    Glissando Harfenzentrum, Nürnberg

  • 2020/01/18

    Camac Harfengalerie, Berlin

  • 2020/02/02

    Out Of The Box Festival, Munich

  • 2020/06/12

    Torstrassenfestival, Berlin, cancelled due to Corona

  • 2020/07/03

    Runway Show Berlin Fashionweek, Berlin, cancelled due to Corona

  • 2020/08/07

    Palmenkonzerte, Hamburg

  • 2020/08/08

    Palais Sommer, Dresden

  • 2021/08/13

    Sommerkonzerte im Kulturforum, Lüneburg

  • 2021/08/14

    Sommernächte im Gartentheater, Hannover

  • 2021/10/05

    Wohngemeinschaft, Köln,

  • 2021/10/06

    Club Cann, Stuttgart,

  • 2021/10/07

    Feinkost Lampe, Hannover,

  • 2021/10/09

    Franz Mehlhose, Erfurt,

  • 2021/10/11

    Silent Green, Berlin,

  • 2021/10/12

    Objekt 5, Halle,

  • 2021/10/14

    Neues Schauspiel, Leipzig,

  • 2021/10/15

    Milla, Munich,



Arden creates sensual, spheric soundstructures. With her instrument the harp, her ethereal vocals and minimalistic electronic sounds she explores a musical world between chamber pop, neoclassical music and ambient soundscapes. She uses loops, layers, works the harp with mallets, modifies it with paper, chains and all kinds of mufflers and spans a sky of elysian choirs above it. The result is a sound experience that feels like a gentle embrace with a maturity to the overall sound that manages to show dare without having to say too much. Sophisticated but still genuine and uncomplicated somehow.


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  • picture by Maximilian Mouson

  • picture by Marcus Engler


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